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CASNAV Nancy-MetzFrance

CASNAV OF NANCY-METZ (Academic Center for the Schooling of Newly Arrived Allophone Students and Children from Itinerant and Traveling Families)

CASNAV is an administrative service of the State, in particular the Ministry of Education. It provides advice and pedagogical support to teaching teams in primary and secondary schools (from nursery school to high school). Through training initiatives, the creation and dissemination of educational materials, and other resources, CASNAV facilitates the reception and consideration of allophone students. Our guiding principles are driven by the concern to promote the inclusion and academic success of allophone students while respecting their identities and languages. Within this framework, multilingualism and language awareness play a significant role.

Therefore, this competition, a genuine tool for language awareness, will contribute to the development of multilingual and intercultural education in schools and their partners. This project aligns completely with the academic missions of CASNAV.

Kit de participation au concours

Informations pratiques

Conditions d'accès au concours

This competition is open to primary and secondary schools (from nursery school to high school) in the Nancy-Metz academy, associative partners of national education (homework assistance associations, AFEV, PEP, etc.), and the INSPE.

Date d'inscription :

Saturday October 21th 2023 at midnight

Soumettre le projet :

Until 22 March 2024

Publication des lauréats :

16 April 2024


Rectorat de Nancy-Metz