Our network

Kamilala is an international network of actors working in the education sector who share a common goal : make linguistic and cultural diversity a resource to value. Launched in 2018 by the association DULALA (D’Une Langue A l’Autre), Kamilala emerged thanks to the investment of partnering structures from Switzerland, Portugal, Aosta Valley, Canada and Greece. Go to Become a partner for more information.


  • Multilingual and multicultural education is a major challenge for 21st century schools ! Beneficial for all children, multilingual education enhances the learning experience of the school language. It opens pupils to the diversity of languages and cultures of the world and fosters communication between the school staff and parents who are not proficient speakers of the language of the school. Overall, multilingual education nurtures a positive learning climate.
  • Artistic-led projects are precious allies for the development of multilingual education. In this sense, as an artistic project which raises awareness on the languages of the class, Multilingual Kamishibai Competition represents a great opportunity to step into multilingual education.
  • Together we’re stronger! Committed to spread language awareness principles and methods, we have decided to gather as a network so that those who campaign for an education to citizenship may collaborate together more easily.

Our story

It all started in 2015 with a first Multilingual Kamishibai Competition launched by Dulala, French national centre for resources and training in multilingual and multicultural education.

The success met after the first edition (more than 80 entries!) encouraged Dulala to renew the experience in 2016, opening the competition to overseas territories (DROM-COM) and in 2017 to French-speaking educational settings throughout the world.

Determined to share this artistic and multilingual experience, hitherto unheard of, Dulala team went on to present the project at  EDILIC International Conference in Warsaw in July 2017, where other multilingual education actors, convinced by the project,  decided to join the movement and this collective adventure.

Today, Dulala coordinates and runs Kamilala network.

Many thanks to our partners :