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AEFE Africa area

Woezon [1] in a project that will allow you to continue to recognize and value the linguistic and cultural knowledge of your students!

With the support and expertise of Dulala, the AEFE’s Central African Inspectorate is joining the Kamilala community and setting up a multilingual kamishibai competition project. It will allow to continue the recognition and valorization of the linguistic and cultural knowledge of your students. The goal is to bring knowledge on language and to make more visible and more legitimate any known or unknown language, by developing plurilingual skills.

This valorisation of plurilingualism and this opening to the world, seem to us important to develop, and this all the more, as they facilitate the learning of those who learn French as a language of schooling.

We hope that many of you will participate in this project, which aims to promote the languages and cultures of your students and their families.

Médaase ! [2] ; A mun klwa ! [3] ; Na gode ! [4] ;


[1] “Welcome” in Ewe

[2] [3] [4] “Thank you” in Twi, Baoulé and Haoussa respectively.

Kit de participation au concours

Informations pratiques

Conditions d'accès au concours

The contest is open to elementary school teachers.

Date d'inscription :

November 7th 2022

Soumettre le projet :

Before April 15th 2023.

Publication des lauréats :

Jury deliberation on May 12, 2023 and awarding of open-badge to participating classes on June 09, 2023.