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Consulate General of France in New OrleansUnited States

The Consulate General of France in New Orleans is the oldest French consulate in the United States. One of its missions is to support Francophone educational programmes in Louisiana.

More broadly, the Consulate General aims to support French language through all its manifestations as well as linguistic diversity.


Kit de participation au concours

Informations pratiques

Conditions d'accès au concours

Open to all French immersion programmes in Louisiana.

Date d'inscription :

15 décembre 2018

Soumettre le projet :

To be sent by e-mail to before February, 15, 2019.

Publication des lauréats :

On March 11, the 3 finalists will be announced. The winner will be designated after the 3 finalists have presented their kamishibaïs on March 29, 2019.


Nicolas Torres


Programmes immersifs en français des établissements scolaires de Louisiane