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AEFE ZECO (Central and Eastern Europe Zone)

This competition is organized by the inspection office of the AEFE Central and Eastern Europe Zone, with the support and expertise of Dulala.

It is intended for schools and colleges in all establishments within the zone, aiming to encourage educational stakeholders to develop projects open to the diversity of languages and to create connections between all languages present and/or taught in the institution.

This project will strengthen the recognition and valorization of linguistic and cultural knowledge of your students. The goal is to provide knowledge about language, making any known or unknown language more visible and legitimate, by developing multilingual skills. It is also an opportunity for students who are in the process of learning the language(s) of instruction to facilitate their learning within the framework of a collective project.

Multilingualism is a key focus of the Central and Eastern Europe Zone project and aligns with the major priorities of AEFE. This competition is also fully in line with the zone’s training plan (zone training actions around the creation of multilingual Kamishibais and a working group focused on multilingualism

Get ready for the Multilingual Kamishibai competition that will highlight the richness and linguistic-cultural diversity of your class and the Central and Eastern Europe Zone !

Kit de participation au concours

Informations pratiques

Conditions d'accès au concours

The competition is open to all classes in the AEFE ZECO (Central and Eastern Europe) network, ranging from 3 to 15 years old (kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools).
Children should be at the heart of the creation process, under the guidance of the staff in the institutions within the zone. Each participating group or class will present a multilingual Kamishibai.
Three virtual meetings will be held throughout the year, during which teachers can connect to seek answers to the realization of their project and/or exchange ideas with other competition participants.

Date d'inscription :

until 30 October 2023

Soumettre le projet :

before 31 March 2024

Publication des lauréats :

In May 2024 on the Central and Eastern Europe Zone site: and the Kamilala site


Nathalie Jeudy-Karakoc, conseillère pédagogique, Zone Europe Centrale et Orientale


Central and Eastern Europe Zone